Stella Bed

The STELLA bed, which brings together high quality materials with durable springs that support the spine from all points in the horizontal position, adds aesthetic value to your bedroom with its stylish design and towel-knit fabric. Natural fibers with de-balancing properties set your body temperature and prevent you from sweating.

Hyper Sponge : Hyper sponge is a special sponge with a very soft and flexible structure. It provides a soft touch in the contact of the body with the bed. The Hyper sponge used in quilting gives a soft texture feel.

Pocket Spring : The 1000 count Pocket-Spring system reacts precisely and orthopedicly to body folds with improved high spring density.

Cotton : Cotton, which is one of the most easily processed fibers, is among the most preferred fillings and fabrics. Maintains their sleath and softness without being exposed to too much chemical processing during the weaving process. Cotton, which is a durable material, is quite soft. The fact that cotton is incarnating the air provides insulation to the fabric.