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Steel construction that does not rust or rot.

Sled mechanism on the base inner sunned, preventing sound and increasing durability.

High and durable reinforced wooden feet that make floor cleaning easier.

AIRCORE is designed with specially developed polyethylene material and AIRCORE PE 100% fiber in the process using 3D Loop Technology. Thanks to the unique Easy Forming and Re-Inging technology created by this technology and body pressure dispersion technologies, you will rest very comfortably every day.

LATEX : It is an all-natural material produced from resin obtained from a kind of rubber tree. It provides a healthy sleep environment by providing both air circulation and temperature balancing in the bed. In addition, thanks to the pin holes created on it, Latex
effect and increases the effect of existing springs.

COTTON : Cotton, which is one of the most easily processed fibers, is among the most preferred fillings and fabrics. It maintains their sleath and softness without too much chemical processing during the weaving process. Cotton, which is a durable material, is quite soft. The fact that cotton is incarnating the air provides the insulation feature to the hope.